Modern Marketing: A Look at SEO and Influencers

While the pillars and principles of marketing stay the same, the methods and techniques by which marketers build brands, says William Seegmiller.  Much of these methods and techniques are dictated by the technology available at the time.

Marketers today have incredibly potent marketing tools at their disposal.  With the internet and all the innovative gadgets at their fingertips, the best marketers have found new and exciting ways to reach their target markets for their campaigns.

Today, William Seegmiller looks at two of these methods.

The Influencer

Influencers are all over social media, exercising, singing, and doing any activity related to the brand they are promoting, before actually mentioning the product or service.  Influencers range from the most popular young celebrities to virtually unknown, yet attractive individuals.

While the scope of an influencer’s reach varies with their popularity, some businesses would instead target a smaller group of individuals via influencers who are on the rise. 

As mentioned earlier, social media is the breeding ground of influencers. It’s where they thrive and earn a hefty following.  And in extension, marketers and businesses build their own client base from the followers of influencers. 

But not all influencers can market a certain product, no matter how appealing an influencer is.  That said, William Seegmiller suggests that marketers seek out the perfect individuals on the internet to be ambassadors of their brand.


When it comes to marketing tools, William Seegmiller mentions that it’s hard to top SEO or search engine optimization.  Anyone who’s gone online has used the numerous search engines to look for sites, pages, images, videos, and the like.  SEO is a method for marketers to expand their reach and stay relevant for a longer time.

SEO is used by a lot of companies of all shapes and sizes to bring in traffic into their website.  This traffic, in turn, provides funding to pay for domain and web hosting, or perhaps even maybe a premium blog account.

Those familiar with SEO know that keywords are well, key.  Regular content that both captures and intrigues site visitors are also required for a successful campaign.  With these and more, William Seegmiller says that marketers can put their brand at the front of search engine ques.

Furthermore, several apps can help marketers find the right keywords and phrases that online users usually search for, making SEO all more powerful as a marketing tool.

William Seegmiller loves to share his knowledge on all things marketing and advertising in hopes of helping businesses everywhere build their brand.  For more about William Seegmiller and his work, visit this page.