Winning Marketing Strategies for Different Business Types

Marketing expert William Seegmiller has helped businesses build their brands.  He has learned several methods and techniques and has always kept himself up to date on the best marketing tools available.

One of the most important things he’s learned is that there are several ways to market a product or service.  For today’s blog, William Seegmiller shares a few winning strategies for different business types.


Gyms are relatively easy to market, especially in today’s world, where people are more health-conscious.  From the biggest gyms such as Anytime Fitness and Equinox to younger, new-age studios such as CrossFit, these establishments are emerging and getting entire communities into fitness.

While many gyms market themselves, there are still ways to get ahead of the competition explains William Seegmiller.  Before the coronavirus hit, some gyms had their trainers and best clients do demos in public spaces such as parks and malls.  Today, however, gyms have adapted by going online and offering online classes but putting their best and most attractive clients front and center.


Restaurants, fast-food joints, diners, and pubs and bars have always made for a strong business.  Put them in the right location, and they’ll attract regular customers soon.  William Seegmiller points out, though, that opening an eating establishment these days isn’t as easy as it used to be.  With the steep competition, marketing must be on point.

One of the best ways to market a startup resto or bar is to come up with a catchy theme.  Marketers and resto-bar owners should do their research before starting a campaign.  If the location of the establishment is in a town or city that loves sports, a sports-themed resto will do the trick.  If the location is in a family-centered community, wholesome activities, a playground, or a few arcade machines can help the marketing campaign.


Like the other businesses on this list, real estate is easy to market.  But given a marketing boost, realtors and sellers will be dealing with interested parties at every turn.  The key here is to create an image of the apartments and condo units for sale or rent, which makes potential buyers say, “Oh, this is where I would want to live.”

Emphasizing points such as safety and security of both the neighborhood and the complex, proximity to supermarkets, malls, and other essential establishments, and scenery all make for quite an appealing package, William Seegmiller notes.

William Seegmiller shares his knowledge on all things marketing and advertising in hopes of helping businesses everywhere build their brand.  Learn more about William Seegmiller and his work by checking out this site.