Effective Marketing Strategies for Specific Businesses During Today’s Global Pandemic

Thankfully, businesses have started reopening.  While still in the grip of the global health crisis, business owners have had time to develop safety protocols and strategies to keep their establishments operational. 

Independent contractor and marketing expert William Seegmiller explains that one of the main focuses on businesses has been marketing and advertising.  In fact, some businesses have even started to market their products and services before reopening their establishments.  Some have gone on to create content for online platforms, while others have taken a more traditional approach.

On that note, William Seegmiller shares a few more effective marketing strategies for specific businesses during and after the current pandemic.

Martial arts classes

Martial arts dojos and establishments have it as hard as gyms.  The proximity by which their patrons and students are required to take makes it difficult given the importance of social distancing today.  However, just like gyms, martial arts instructors and dojo owners have learned to adapt by shifting a huge part of their operations online, such as their daily lessons – and their marketing. 

Martial arts businesses have started releasing videos that serve as demos, which, during safer times, they would otherwise perform out in public.  Some of these videos have been pre-recorded, while others were filmed in the safety of the instructors’ own homes.

Food delivery

One of the businesses that have flourished over the past months is food delivery services.  With quarantine directives imposed all over the world, people could only get their food from their favorite restaurants via delivery.  But, as William Seegmiller puts it, businesses rarely become the talk of the town by doing nothing. 

Food delivery services have also had to market themselves to both food establishments and the people ordering food from these establishments.  While establishments and customers do need delivery services, the competition is steep.  To effectively market their services, food delivery companies send profiles of their businesses and showcase the strength of their delivery fleet, their records before the pandemic, and customer satisfaction reports.

Online music tutorials

Much like martial arts, many music teachers have gone online to teach students.  Marketing for these classes aren’t usually geared toward the students, but rather their parents, as research shows students are typically in the teens or younger.

William Seegmiller explains that marketing for online music tutorials consists not just of videos of other children playing instruments, but of links to YouTube videos with people covering the most popular songs of the most popular artists today.

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