Take Social Media and Email, and Market the Universe

In all his years of successfully helping businesses build their brands, William Seegmiller has noticed several undeniable truths. One of these truths is that technology plays a central role and a driving force in the evolution of marketing. In today’s world, this can be most clearly seen through social media and email marketing campaigns.

William Seegmiller says that the world’s best marketers nowadays have taken to both social media platforms and emails, and marketed and advertised the living daylights out of their brands.

Social media marketing

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all premium places to launch a marketing campaign. Next to emails, social media is the most cost-effective avenue of marketing available to businesses everywhere. However, there are certain things that marketers need to be aware of.

William Seegmiller believes that to be successful in social media, marketers have to have a clear plan in place even before opening a company’s own social media page. It would also be preferable to have a following already before the page is opened. Next up, marketers will need to know the geographical locations of their market since social media platforms now have incredible features that can target online users on a granular level.

Also, before opening a social media page, marketers already need to have professionally-taken photographs to put up. While opening a page with just a logo may seem intriguing, it won’t work on social media as it does with print media or television. Online users are fast movers, and they won’t think twice about a simple logo. But if there are pictures, interested parties will spend a lot of time checking the whole page out.

Email marketing campaigns

Statistically speaking, email marketing campaigns reach more people than social media campaigns, and that is a huge deal. The caveat, though, is that a lot of work has to be done to attain a degree of success for email marketing campaigns. Email marketing campaigns require a lot more effort because, unlike social media, there are aspects of email marketing that need to be done manually, such as graphic design for email content and lead generation.

But when done correctly, William Seegmiller explains that the rewards of a successful marketing campaign will surely exceed the expectations of a company.

William Seegmiller, like everybody else, can only imagine what the future holds for marketing since the advancement of tech is eternal and constant.

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Modern Marketing: A Look at SEO and Influencers

While the pillars and principles of marketing stay the same, the methods and techniques by which marketers build brands, says William Seegmiller.  Much of these methods and techniques are dictated by the technology available at the time.

Marketers today have incredibly potent marketing tools at their disposal.  With the internet and all the innovative gadgets at their fingertips, the best marketers have found new and exciting ways to reach their target markets for their campaigns.

Today, William Seegmiller looks at two of these methods.

The Influencer

Influencers are all over social media, exercising, singing, and doing any activity related to the brand they are promoting, before actually mentioning the product or service.  Influencers range from the most popular young celebrities to virtually unknown, yet attractive individuals.

While the scope of an influencer’s reach varies with their popularity, some businesses would instead target a smaller group of individuals via influencers who are on the rise. 

As mentioned earlier, social media is the breeding ground of influencers. It’s where they thrive and earn a hefty following.  And in extension, marketers and businesses build their own client base from the followers of influencers. 

But not all influencers can market a certain product, no matter how appealing an influencer is.  That said, William Seegmiller suggests that marketers seek out the perfect individuals on the internet to be ambassadors of their brand.


When it comes to marketing tools, William Seegmiller mentions that it’s hard to top SEO or search engine optimization.  Anyone who’s gone online has used the numerous search engines to look for sites, pages, images, videos, and the like.  SEO is a method for marketers to expand their reach and stay relevant for a longer time.

SEO is used by a lot of companies of all shapes and sizes to bring in traffic into their website.  This traffic, in turn, provides funding to pay for domain and web hosting, or perhaps even maybe a premium blog account.

Those familiar with SEO know that keywords are well, key.  Regular content that both captures and intrigues site visitors are also required for a successful campaign.  With these and more, William Seegmiller says that marketers can put their brand at the front of search engine ques.

Furthermore, several apps can help marketers find the right keywords and phrases that online users usually search for, making SEO all more powerful as a marketing tool.

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Establish Strong Branding with these Strategies

Independent contractor William Seegmiller works with clients who want to strengthen and manage their brands.  Through his blogs, he aims to share his expertise that might help businesses boost their presence and profit.  When it comes to growing an enterprise, one should always consider the image that will stick to people’s minds.  Here are some strategies that will help businesses of all sizes establish unique and strong branding.

Understand the what, how, and why of the enterprise

Before going with the visuals, one must first have a clear grasp of what the venture is about, how the team is going to pursue it, and why they’re doing it.  It might also be good to think about how it will help people.  Giving some time to think about this will even pinpoint the purpose that is also important in building an effective branding.  William Seegmiller shares that when the business can clearly define and describe their identity, they can craft an impactful story that will show the heart behind the products and services they offer.

Get to know the target market

Unfortunately, not all businesses truly know their target market.  Before going with product names, designs, and other considerations for branding, one must know the people they aim to serve.  Doing comprehensive market research might take time, but it will offer insights that might help strengthen branding.  Instead of just listing down the ages, gender, nationality, and other details, William Seegmiller says to imagine the kind of person who might need the products. 

Know the competition

Competition isn’t always a bad thing.  Businesses need to be familiar with similar ventures to get ahead of the pack.  William Seegmiller advises owners to research on what makes their competitors are doing right and what they can do better.  And in a saturated industry, getting to know the opponent might allow one to differentiate to attract a different set of people who might be looking for an alternative. 

Choose an image that encapsulates the business

The visuals have to be outstanding to build up a brand.  When one thinks of a strong brand, people remember a color, an icon, or even a font.  This is why it’s important to spend time coming up with a logo that will capture what the brand is about in the next couple of years.  Though trends change, a good logo, along with a brand’s good reputation, will draw people to the business.

William Seegmiller shares his knowledge on all things marketing and advertising to help businesses build their brand.  For more about William Seegmiller and his work, visit this page.