Independent contractor and media expert William Seegmiller is also a veteran marketer who has helped clients with branding, content creation, audience engagement, and updating their social media pages.  

On this blog site, as well as other social media channels, William Seegmiller will share the latest trends in brand management and other digital media topics that might benefit those who want to boost their reach online.  Through these articles, he hopes owners of businesses big and small may improve their marketing strategies and campaigns.

The blogs on this site will feature several topics revolving around online marketing.

The first set of articles will focus on various platforms of online marketing.  These include social media, emails, websites, and the like.  In these blogs, William Seegmiller will give a more general overview of the benefits of online marketing in the context of these platforms before going into more specific details. 

For example, in blogs that feature social media as a marketing tool, William Seegmiller will look at how different sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube can be used to further one’s brand.  He also delves into how each particular social media site has its own unique marketing features, and how business owners and marketers can make the most out of these features.  William Seegmiller will also give tips on preparing for a marketing campaign on social media by taking the best photos, reaching out to the target audience, and engaging potential clients.

William Seegmiller will also discuss email marketing, which is arguably even more effective than social media, albeit more effort-requiring.  There will be blogs that will detail the many steps of how to launch an email marketing campaign, from research to lead generation to content creation and more. 

William Seegmiller believes that just like any part of business, it takes time, knowledge, and a lot of practice to master.  He also believes that online marketing is always moving forward, which is why some blogs on this site will also instruct marketers on how to propel themselves forwards along with online marketing.

Finally, William Seegmiller will write a few blogs on how online marketing is and will be changing, not just marketing, but business in general.  And he notes that even in a crisis such as the one the world is struggling with right now, that online marketing will show its true power and make believers out of more business owners and marketers who have yet to try it out.